Each website page features a clear and visible CTA

A clear and visible CTA on each page is a powerful strategy to direct user behavior and promote conversions.
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What is Call-to-Action (CTA)?

A Call-to-Action or CTA is an instruction designed to prompt an immediate response from the user. It is typically presented as a clickable button or link, encouraging users to engage in a specific action such as “Buy Now,” “Sign Up,” or “Learn More.”

The importance of CTAs on each page

Including a CTA on every page ensures that users have a clear path to conversion at any point during their navigation. CTAs guide what steps to take next, thus preventing confusion or indecision and enhancing user engagement.

Effective implementation of CTAs

Here are some key strategies to effectively implement CTAs on each web page:

  • Visibility: CTAs should be prominently placed and easy to spot, using contrasting colors or design elements that make them stand out from the surrounding content.
  • Clarity: The message in the CTA should be concise and direct, clearly indicating what action the user is expected to take.
  • Strategic Placement: Depending on the page’s purpose, the CTA should be placed where it is most likely to attract user attention and encourage action (404 erroor page, blog, news).

Let’s look at a few examples

E-commerce websites like Backcountry and LARQ skillfully use CTAs on every page to guide user actions and facilitate the purchase process.

Call to Action

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