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Avoiding repetitive data entry is an important aspect of creating a positive user experience on e-commerce websites
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What’s repetitive data entry?

Repetitive data entry refers to situations where users must input the same information repeatedly during a single visit or across multiple visits to the website. This could range from personal details and shipping addresses to payment information.

Repetitive data entry can lead to user frustration, creating a negative experience that might discourage users from completing a purchase or returning to the website. In an era where seamless user experiences are the norm, it’s vital for e-commerce platforms to make their data entry processes as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

What can you do about it?

There are several techniques e-commerce sites can use to minimize repetitive data entry:

  • Data Persistence: This involves saving users’ previously entered data to be automatically populated when needed, eliminating the need for users to re-enter the same information.
  • User Accounts and Profiles: Encouraging users to create an account where their personal information, preferences, and payment details can be saved reduces the need for repetitive data entry in future sessions.
  • Guest Checkout Option: This option can be valuable for users who want to make a quick, one-off purchase without creating an account. It should require only the essential information to facilitate the transaction.

In Practice

Big names in e-commerce, like Amazon and BestBuy, are already managing this by using features that remember you and your preferences.

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