Website curbs excessive scrolling

Excessive scrolling can be a major barrier to usability and overall user experience on an e-commerce website.
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Defining scrolling efficiency

Scrolling efficiency is a website design approach that reduces the scrolling required to navigate a website or complete a specific task. In e-commerce, efficient scrolling is key to maintaining user engagement and enhancing conversion rates.

Keep in mind, it’s all about making your visitors feel comfortable and in control.

Some nifty tricks to minimize scrolling

  • Above the Fold Content: Maximize the impact of the content visible without scrolling by featuring key products, deals, or information prominently.
  • Collapsible Menus and Filters: Use these features to manage extensive content or product lists, allowing users to access what they need without endless scrolling.
  • Sticky Header: Implement a header that stays visible as the user scrolls, allowing them to navigate to different parts of the site effortlessly.
  • Back to Top Button: This feature can be beneficial on long pages, offering a shortcut back to the top of the page.

A Peek into the Real World

Lots of successful e-commerce websites are already winning at this. Take a look at how eBay or ASOS do it.



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