Website’s clickable elements are visually distinctive

Visually distinctive clickable elements are crucial in guiding the user’s navigation through the site.

Website's clickable elements are visually distinctive
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Understanding clickable elements

Clickable elements refer to parts of the website that users can interact with, such as buttons, links, and interactive images. They serve as interactive signals, directing users to different website sections or prompting specific actions.

If clickable elements aren’t easily distinguishable from other website content, it may lead to user clarity or a lack of interaction, hampering the overall user experience.

Implementing distinctive clickable elements

All major players in e-commerce, like Peakdesign, Third Love, Test and Test, are already using these techniques:

Contrasting Colors and Designs: Using colors and designs that contrast the rest of the website can make clickable elements stand out, effectively guiding the user’s attention. (Website: Peakdesign)

Consistent Styling: Applying a consistent style to clickable elements across the website lets users quickly identify them, reducing cognitive load and enhancing the user experience. (Peakdesign)

Descriptive Text: Clickable elements should carry clear, descriptive text indicating their function or the page they will direct users to. (Peakdesign)

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